Art Creates

You love photography, you love photography magazines, you love photobooks. Now get all three in one beautiful, premium box shipped right to your door.

Focus is the only fine art photography magazine that interviews photographers as human beings that also happened to be photographers, instead of interviewing them as photographers who also happen to be human beings. Focus explores their souls, the passions, their successes and their failures. We now bring that same style of in-depth story telling to two new books that will be published on a quarterly basis alongside Focus.

Our first book, we call Exposures. Exposures is a 9 x 7 book which focuses on a different subject each edition. With each photographer's exhibition, you'll receive a beautifully-written artist's statement for each photographer along with some of their best selling works. If you love landscape, seascape, photography, Exposures' first edition is for you.

Our second book called Photo Stories is an oversized 12 x 12 hardcover coffee table book. Each page of the 132 pages of this masterfully crafted book focuses on the stories behind the photographer. Instead of reading about how to create a photograph, Photo Stories brings you the story of the photographer creating the art.‚Äč

Finally, the crown jewel of each boxed edition are our 8 x 10 prints. Each month, we will choose 6 photographers to send you two prints each. That's 12 prints from 6 different photographers every month delivered to your home or office. Enjoy them, frame them, hang them in your home or office, add them to your library, or order larger sizes so you can really show off your collection.